Best Sights and Attractions in Madonie Mountains

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Sicily team

Ten percent of all cultural beauties of Italy are in Sicily! And just think of all the natural beauties, arts, museums & galleries, castles, churches, catacombs, palazzos & piazzas, wineries and the colourful markets - attractions not to be missed...

In Sicily you will find the best preserved Greek temples in the world, Europe's largest archaeological site, stunning cathedrals,  Roman floor mosaics, Baroque towns. The ancient amphitheatres in Taormina, Segesta and Syracuse are still used today, you can wander picturesque town centres and Arab kasbahs. Medieval castles are spread all over the island, in the necropolis of Pantàlica you can explore ancient cave tombs (a great experience also for kids), Mozia boasts a Carthaginian settlement, and on the island of Panarea there are the remains of a Bronze Age village.  Sicily boasts wonderful museums, art galleries with paintings of Caravaggio and Antonello da Messina, ateliers of contemporary artists. There are colourful Arab markets, gardens,  town and nature parks, wonderful beaches, dozens of wineries for tall and many attractions for small people. Sicily is just paradise for culture, nature and beach fans, wine lovers and children.