Best Contemporary Sicily - Art & Artists in Erice

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Sicily team

Sicily features the highest density of modern art in the whole of Italy! But apart from this, there are many artists of all kinds, creating wonderful things, which make, by the way, also wonderful souvenirs.

In Gibellina Nuova you will find the place with most modern artworks in Italy. The valley of Tusa contains the 'Fiumara d'Arte' - if you want to see the whole valley, rent a car and plan a full day. And to complete the day book a room at the Art Hotel. Sicily has always attracted artists of all kinds - mostly painters. The best known are Caravaggio who spent two years of his life in Sicily - he was wanted for murder in Italy and had to escape...and left some wonderful paintings, and Antonella da Messina, whose works you can see in galleries and museums. But there are also the artists of today: painters, sculptors and  photographers, potters, carpet weavers, people creating wonderful jewelleries, which we want to present at this place. Walking historical town centres you'll often see artworks leading to an atelier or studio. A visit is always worth it, have a chat with the artist and maybe you'll find your very special souvenir there.