Weather Overview

Sicily is the sunniest island of the Mediterranean with more than 2.500 hours of sunshine per year.

The climate is generally mild, although it can get very hot during summer months, especially when the host and dusty sirocco wind starts blowing in from North Africa. Sicily has the highest average hours of sunshine in the whole of Europe, so if you want heat, but without any crowds, May, beginning of June and mid September are the best months to go without the company of thousands of other tourists.

Spring in Sicily usually arrives early, you will recognise it when the almond trees start to blossom and the scent is flowing around the island. It is probably the best time to wander around the ancient sites of Sicily, for walks along the coastal trails, hikes in the mountains and bike trips.

Summers in Sicily are splendid and you will be able to spend days and days on the beach and soaking up in the glowing sun,swimming and snorkelling in the crystal clear waters or go diving and explore the fantastic underwater world. The weather can though get extreme with temperatures rising above 35C, particularly inland, so do wear some sort of head cover and apply the sun cream generously.

Autumn is Sicily comes around beginning of October. It is the time of grape picking and some days can be rainy. But the sun is up a lot and the average temperature is still around 22C, so flip flops and shorts should be still packed in your suitcase.

Winter in Sicily is much milder than is some other parts of Europe. Swimming in the sea is often possible until end of November. Mount Etna starts wearing its white bonnet in October, and from November to March the whole mountain is covered in snow while people are sunbathing at the beaches. So do take the advantage of it and enjoy the fun while sliding down the slopes of Mount Etna. Generally  the weather in Winter is cooler, December and January got days with heavy rainfalls and few blasts of wind. But don't get put off by it, last year on Christmas day we had amazing 24C and the sun was beating down on New Year's Eve..