Best Restaurants in Caltagirone

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Sicily team

Here we are! Full and plump - and that's your fault! 

We have eaten uncountable pizzas, cheeses and salamis, grilled veggies, hearty meat dishes and delicate fish, seafood salads and oysters, pasta in all conceivable shapes and with all conceivable sauces, panini, scaloppini al Marsala, cous cous, soups and snacks. We have wined and dined ourselves through eating places from mountain huts and fishermen’s tavernas to Michelin-starred gourmet temples. And every time we thought nothing more goes there were the desserts. Oh, the Sicilian desserts! Cannoli, cassata siciliana, almond pastries, sorbets, cakes and pies with pistachios, chocolate or fruit, and homemade ice cream. And shall we tell you something? Ice cream goes always, even if you think that you will explode. All restaurants have well-stocked cellars with excellent regional wines - aks for the wine of the house, even it is not on the list. Many restaurants have a cover charge. Oh yes, and most restaurants use only zero kilometre food! It was a hard job which is still not done - some more bird tables are waiting to be tested :-)