Best Eco-Friendly in Castelbuono

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Sicily team

Sicily connoisseurs will hardly believe us, but we hereby report to have found some eco-friendly places. Yes, really eco-friendly. And yes, in Sicily. And yes, we are really happy about it.

Unfortunately there are not many places in Sicily which you would call ecologically correct, but a beginning is done and this is something after all. Especially in southern Europe and in particular in Sicily where people still throw things out of their car and on the streets, love plastic plates and cups and paper napkins, have never heard of returnable bottles and consume hectolitres of softener. At least there are many hotels who don't change any more towels and sheets daily. The accommodations we found are really eco-friendly and have been renovated with biodegradable materials and decorated with furnishings and floorings without toxic adhesives. At these places you can also be sure that you are served organic (and mostly 'zero kilometre') food. We would be delighted if travellers support these progressive hoteliers by booking a vacation at them.  

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