Best Theatre, Cinema, Concerts & Opera in Sicily in Enna

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Sicily team

Sicily offers the most exceptional locations in Europe when it comes to theatre, opera and music.

The Greek Theatre of Syracuse is still used for what it was constructed for: the Greek tragedies. Taormina boasts the most spectacular location in Europe for performances of all kinds. Every year the season starts with the Taormina Film Fest, and from June to September every evening there are spectacles, such as theatre, opera and dance performances, rock, pop and classical concerts, the WOMAD festival and much more. All this comes with an ancient scenery and stunning views of the coastline and smouldering Mount Etna. Palermo and Catania feature wonderful theatres and opera houses, worth a visit for themselves. In Gibellina you can enjoy every summer modern theatre and dance, in the amphitheatre of Segesta the Calatafimi-Segesta Festival, and traditional Sicilian puppet theatres perform for small and tall people alike - you don't have to speak Italian, the shows speak for themselves. Every hotel staff will help with ticket bookings and tips where to go. For current events look here