Best Archaeological Sites in Sicily in Sciacca

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Sicily team

Spread over Sicily and its islands there are Bronze Age villages, remains of Phoenician settlements, caves with prehistoric wall paintings, ancient amphitheatres and stone quarries, Greek temples and Roman mosaics.

Selinunte is, until now, the largest archaeological site in Europe. It's so immense that they propose at the entrance hiring an electric cart. If you want to avoid aching feet, hire one! Agrigento boasts better preserved Greek temples than Greece itself. Amphitheatres are still used for what they were constructed for - performances. Fans of the Greek tragedies should plan their stay in May in Syracuse, and a live concert under the star-sparkling sky at the Greek-Roman theatre in Taormina, with a fire spitting Mount Etna making a scenic background, will be unforgettable. Maybe you're thinking now: 'WOW, I would love to visit, but what about my kids.' Children love to clamber over, explore and wander ruins. For them these sites are like a giant jigsaw puzzle they can piece together in their imagination. There are old Greek theatres, places where Roman gladiators fought and age-old cave tombs to be explored. For archaeology-enthusiasts Sicily is simply paradise!