Best Seafood Restaurants in Lipari

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Sicily team

Seafood and fish restaurants in Sicily are very popular thanks to a vast selection of seafood and fish sourced from the clear waters of Sicily's coastline. Lobster, tuna, sardines, mussels, clams and swordfish are only few out of the great choice.

Strongly recommended come spaghetti with black cuttle fish ink, swordfish fillet or rolls, which is a hit between May and September, pasta with clams, mussels, seafood risotto, lobster spaghetti and tuna carpaccio which are thin slices of tuna drizzled with light dressing. Often you are served raw marinated shrimps and slices of fish - simply delicious. The characteristics are like all Mediterranean seafood: a very pleasant smell of the sea, a taste that can be strong as in the tuna, swordfish, mackerelsm anchovies or sardines, or a subdued taste as in the spigola (similar to the striped bass), and other fish of the bass family like occhibeddi (similar to the ocean perch), grouper, triglia (mullet), sarago (similar to porgy) sand shark, and finally fish with a mild taste as the whiting, turbot, pesce San Pietro (John Dory), sea trout, snappers and monk fish to name the most commons. Seafood is always superfresh - and you will be amazed in how many ways Sicilian chefs know how to prepare it.