Winter Skiing Retreats in Sicily


Hit the slopes and enjoy the snow-covered mountains

1. Mount Etna Ski Resort

Discover the thrill of skiing on the slopes of Mount Etna, one of the world's most active volcanoes. With breathtaking views and a variety of terrain, this ski resort offers an unforgettable experience for winter sports enthusiasts.


2. Heliskiing in Sicily

Take your skiing adventure to new heights with heliskiing in Sicily. Soar above the mountains in a helicopter before descending untouched powder slopes for an exhilarating skiing experience like no other.


3. Ice Climbing in the Madonie Mountains

For the more adventurous, try ice climbing in the Madonie Mountains. Ascend frozen waterfalls and cliffs under expert guidance, combining mountaineering skills with the beauty of Sicily's winter landscapes.


4. Ski Touring on Mount Etna

Embark on a ski touring expedition to explore the diverse terrains and breathtaking scenery of Mount Etna. Traverse through untouched snowfields and enjoy the ultimate backcountry skiing adventure.


5. Ski Safari from Taormina

Experience the best Sicily has to offer with a ski safari from Taormina. This guided tour takes you to various ski resorts around the island, allowing you to enjoy diverse slopes while discovering the cultural treasures of Sicily.


6. Winter Hiking in the Alcantara Gorges

Explore the stunning Alcantara Gorges during winter months on a hiking adventure. Marvel at the frozen waterfalls and unique rock formations, surrounded by a peaceful winter atmosphere.


7. Freestyle Skiing at Rifugio ETNA

Put your skills to the test at Rifugio ETNA ski resort, which features a dedicated freestyle skiing area. Enjoy jumps, rails, and other obstacles, catering to adrenaline junkies and freestyle enthusiasts.


8. Snowmobile Adventure in the Madonie Mountains

Get your adrenaline pumping on a snowmobile adventure through the Madonie Mountains. Race through snowy trails and forests while taking in the breathtaking winter scenery.


9. Ski and Spa Experience in Taormina

Indulge in a luxurious ski and spa package in Taormina. Spend your days skiing at nearby resorts and unwind in the evenings with soothing spa treatments, offering the perfect blend of adventure and relaxation.


10. Sleigh Rides in the Alcantara Valley

Experience the magic of a sleigh ride through the enchanting Alcantara Valley. Let the sleigh be pulled by horses as you enjoy the serene winter landscapes and the soothing sound of jingling bells.