Best Meaty Delights Restaurants in Palermo

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Sicily team

The best restaurants serving 'meaty' delights are to be found in Sicily's mountainous areas, the Hyblaean, Nebrodi and Madonie Mountains, and - of course - on the slopes of Mount Etna.

Not everybody likes to eat fish, mussels and other creatures swimming around in oceans and rivers, or is simply allergic. For all these people and our 'carnivores' we listed restaurants serving exceptionally good meat dishes like roasted lamb, rabbit and pork, tender steaks and fillets, hearty mountain-food and the ever so delicious Sicilian sausages. Meat-eaters could also easily join the rest of the family who wants to eat seafood - every trattoria and restaurant has at least some meat dishes on the menu. Buon Appetito!