Best Cafés, Gelaterias, Pastry Shops & Street Food Restaurants in Messina

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Sicily team

Cafes in Sicily are the right places if you fancy a quick bite, cakes or ice cream, sitting outside and do some people watching.

Italian cafes are like day bars - which is budget friendly as by sitting at the counter, you don't get charged the service fee. Cafes offer breakfast, as well as quick lunches and dinners, and many of them turn at sunset into cocktail and/or wine bars. As expected the famous and high quality Italian coffee is also served, along with pasta dishes, salads, pizza, Sicilian street food, pastries and often homemade ice cream. Ice cream, oooh the Sicilian ice cream, coming in all flavours, traditional, innovative like prickly pear, and personal creations of the ice cream maker - once tasted and you'll be addicted - same as to Sicilian cakes and pastries. Sicilian confectioners are masters of their craft.  Every Sicilian has his or her cafe, where they drop in in the morning for a quick caffè and swoosh, off they are, coming back for a snack before noon (because a cornetto doesn't last long), and have an aperitif in the early evening, the Italian version of our Happy Hour. Cafes are great places  for socializing and getting to know locals.