You didn't know that

Did you know that a fisherman’s son is to blame for the earthquakes in the Straits of Messina? Or that the four seasons were invented in Sicily? That Sicily and the Sicilians inspired many painters, writers and directors to masterpieces - about 40 movies were filmed in Sicily, there are the paintings of Caravaggio and Antonello da Messina, Luigi Pirandello and Salvatore Quasimodo won the Noble Prize in Literature. William Shakespeare chose Messina as the setting for 'Much Ado About Nothing'. And we are sure that you also think that the novels of Andrea Camilleri are masterpieces - who does not love Inspector Montalbano.

Have fun with some quirky and astonishing facts about Sicily :-)
















Sicilians believe that Mother Mary is Sicilian


second to Mother Mary is a Sicilian Mamma


Sicilians can talk a lot without giving any information


talking in Sicily requires hands


a Sicilian in handcuffs cannot speak


a Sicilian would never say that he is Italian

Sicilian train timetables only serve as a rough orientation to passengers


even locals have difficulties to understand Sicilian bus timetables


you need a never ending patience in Sicily (regarding the last two points)


Sicilians are always friendly and helpful


Sicilians will rather send you in the wrong direction than admit that they do not know the way


legendary Atlantis lies south of Syracuse under the waves of the Med

William Shakespeare chose Messina as the setting for “Much Ado About Nothing”


St. Ignatius de Loyola founded the world’s first Jesuit college in Messina


Cervantes recovered in Messina’s hospital after the Battle of Lepanto


the largest astronomical clock in the world is in Messina


the founders of Messina were giants


King Arthur is sleeping in Mount Etna

the devils are dancing in Sicily on Easter Sunday


you can get your car consecrated in Palermo


Sicilians play cards on Christmas


Saint Paul of Tarsus brought Christianity to Sicily


Sicily was always ruled by foreigners, never by themselves


the fairy Morgaine is living in a palace on the seabed of the Straits of Messina

“Cassata Siciliana” is not an ice cream


you can go skiing on Mount Etna


Sicily has the highest concentration of modern art in Italy


Mount Etna is Europe’s highest active volcano 


a Briton invented the Marsala wine


the biggest shopping centres of Europe are in Sicily

the Gods of Greek mythology were not Greek, but actually Sicilian


Admiral Horatio Nelson was the Count of Bronte


you can visit to Horatio’s castle 


you should not ask a Sicilian about the Mafia


if you ask him, he will  tell you, friendly smiling, a hair-rising picturesque Mafia legend, or...


he will react somewhat testily and ask you if you could not leave your prejudices at home (where they belong)

Sicily features 77 Regional Parks, Natural Parks and Nature Reserves


road signs in Sicily are not intended for orientation but for street decoration


Sicilians have ice cream for breakfast - try a granita and you'll know why



you can overnight in Commissario Montalbano’s apartment


Zeus’ crippled son Hephaestus is still living in Mount Etna


the ancient gold coins of Syracuse still belong to the most beautiful coins in the world

Europe’s only wild papyrus grows in Sicily


a Sicilian peasant was the model for Lady Chatterley’s lover


an English lady, who had a wild love affair with the formerly called peasant, was the model for Lady Chatterley


Richard Wagner composed the “Parsifal” in Palermo


Ingrid Bergman fell madly in love with Roberto Rossellini in Sicily


the opera composer Vincenzo Bellini was Sicilian

an espresso is not a cup of coffee but an express train


cappuccino is a morning drink


having a cappuccino after a meal unmasks you immediately as a tourist


a Sicilian Sunday lunch lasts at least four hours


a Sicilian lunch is somewhat noisy and you will leave with a slight ringing in your ears


“fare bella figura” (cutting a good impression) is essential in Sicily

10% of Italy’s cultural beauties are in Sicily


Sicily has better preserved Greek temples than Greece itself


the biggest necropolis of Europe is in Sicily


the world’s largest Roman floor mosaics are in Sicily


Europe's biggest archaeological site is in Sicily


Archimedes was Sicilian


Mount Etna eruptions were integrated into the landscape of the planet Mustafar in “Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith”