Airports in Sicily

Sicily has 4 international and 2 national airports.The main airports are Palermo and Catania. The airports of Trapani and Comiso are on the smaller side and mainly served by low cost airlines such as Ryanair and Easyjet.

The islands Lampedusa and Pantelleria are served by national airlines and connected to Trapani, Palermo, Catania, Milan and Rome.

Palermo and Catania are connected to all main European airports by both charter and scheduled flights. Please keep in mind that only charter companies offer non stop flights to Sicily.

There are no non stop flights to Sicily from and to the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. You would have to go to Rome or Milan first and from there catch a flight to Sicily.

Palermo Airport "Falcone e Borsellino"



Palermo Airport (PMO) is previously known as "Punta Raisi" Airport.  It is located 33 km from Palermo centre, 100 km from Cefalu and 240 km from Catania. There are number of options how to get to and from the airport: car hire, airport transfers, buses and taxi. The airport is also connected by  train to Palermo - the ride takes you to the centre within 40 minutes. Trains are departing every 1,5 hour from the lower floor.

Official website:

Telephone number: +39 091-7020273

Toll free number: 800-541880

(only when dialing from Italy)

Flight Information

Telephone:  +39 091-7043027

This information is available real-time on their website.

Arrivals at Palermo Airport

Departures from Palermo Airport



Catania Airport "Vincenzo Bellini"



Catania airport (CTA) is only a 15 min ride from Catania centre. This busy airport serves most international flights.

Buses go to Palermo (2,5 hrs), Taormina (45min) and tickets can be bought in the newsagent shops located inside the airport. Please note that the last public transport to Taormina is at 20.00pm (Interbus).

Official site:

Telephone numbers:+39 0923 842502

Fax:+39 0923.842367

Trapani Airport "Vincenzo Florio"



The airport of Trapani  (TPS) is located in Birgi, 8 km from Trapani, 15 km from Marsala, 120 km from Sciaccca, 180 km from Agrigento and 70 km from Palermo. There are regular bus services to and from the airport. .

Telephone numbers: +39 0923 842502 , +39 0923 843084 
Fax:+39 0923 843263 


Live flight information

Pantelleria Airport



Pantelleria Airport is only 5 mins ride from the town centre.


Telephone number:+39 923 911817

Fax number: +39 923 911410


Lampedusa Airport




Lampedusa Airport is the only aiport on the Pelagie Islands.

Official website:

Telephone number:+39 091 7020619

Fax number:+39 091 591023

Comiso - Aeroporto degli Iblei




Comiso Airport - opened in November 2013

Official website:

Telephone number: +39 091 0932 961467 5-5

Fax number: +39 0932 723984