Pelagie Islands

Three small islands form the archipelago called Pelagie -  Lampedusa, Linosa and Lampione which lie beautifully in the middle of the Mediterranean sea.

Video by courtesy of Lampedusa in Foto


This archipelago is around 130 km from , less than 150 km from Tunisia, but funnily enough the furthest point is Sicily with around 200 km, and the latter is the proud owner of these beauties which probably will appeal most to those of you who don't want to be surrounded by too many tourists.



is the largest out of all the Pelagie Islands with around 5,000 inhabitants, and  the busiest.

It is also the only one of these islands with an airport. There are direct flights from Palermo and during summer from Rome and Milan. You can also travel by ferry from Porto Empedocle near Agrigento if you are going by car, although a car is not really needed. So hop on a hydrofoil instead.


Lampedusa's main attraction is a scattering of glorious sandy beaches with pristine crystal clear waters. Swim and sun bathe at Cala Mulak, Cala Galera or Spiaggia della Guitgia. The colours of the crystal clear waters around the island are simply incredible - from light turquoise and baby blue over bottle green to ink blue.  

Lampedusa is mostly visited by divers, so if you want to give it a try - there are several diving schools offering courses. Snorkelling and scuba-diving are one of the most popular things to do along with turtle watching on the Isola dei Conigli, a natural reserve created to protect the Caretta Caretta turtles which lay eggs there during the night.

During the summer months, the island boasts a vivid nightlife. Lampedusa town has many lovely small restaurants serving local seafood dishes and couscous as well as other Arabic specialities. Evenings are  well spent by taking a passeggiata, having a drink a cool bar, and visiting local shops selling souvenirs, shells, sponges and even knitted Arab caps which are made for you while you wait.. 

Boat tours around the island depart from the port daily, and bikes and scooters can be hired to discover the whole of the island.  A few minutes from the town is "Madonna Di Lampedusa", a small church nestled amongst great scenery.

There are many yachts to be seen on the horizon as Lampedusa is one of the most popular places for yachting.  Sicily's touristic ports you'll find here 


An hour on a ferry takes you across to Linosa, a volcanic island with craters and a couple of black-sandy beaches that are well worth visiting. Cars are not allowed on Linosa, so put on a good pair of shoes and wander around this cute island. The village of Linosa has brightly coloured houses, welcoming trattorias and chatty locals.

Lampione is a tiny island, only 1 square kilometre in size and is uninhabited. The only way how to get there is from Lampedusa, so maybe one of the local fishermen could take you around. Diving centres organise diving trips around the island. Lampione is untouched, pure and raw. A myth says that Lampione was created when a Cyclops dropped a piece of rock into the sea....well it could all be true.....