Best Pets are welcome in Catania

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Sicily team

Got a Labrador? And Labby wants to go with you on holidays?

We also have pets and know how it feels when you have to leave them at home, because most hotels accept only small pets up to 6 kg. This listing includes, unfortunately not many, hotels, farms, villas and apartments where also slightly bigger four-legged travellers are welcome, and/or where they are offered something special. The Algilà Charme Hotel in Syracuse for instance will equip your room with a comfy rug or basket, and bowls with water and biscuits as a welcome special. And the Casa di Melo offers dog-sitting when you want to go on excursion. In places like these you can also be sure that they know a beach where dogs are allowed, or where to find a vet in case of emergency. Please keep in mind that pets over 6 kg are not allowed in the cabin and have to travel in a pet box in the cargo department of the airplane. That is very stressy for an animal, and if you plan a short stay of only some days or a week it may be better to find a pet-sitter at home.