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Local Recommendations from our My Guide Sicily team

Sicily offers some newly built hotels, but most accommodations are housed in renovated historical and period buildings, such as palazzos, private villas, town & country manors, farm houses, abbeys and factories - offering unique holiday moments.

Sicily is not comparable to other European holiday destinations, as its touristic structure is completely different to e.g. Spain. There are more small family-run hotels than elsewhere, and the classification, in particular of 4 star hotels, is somehow mysterious. But you can be sure that a five star is really a five star! The west of Sicily is best for holidays amongst locals, the islands offer tranquil, and Cefalù, Syracuse and the area around Taormina boast international flair. The widest choice is in cities and main holiday resorts like Taormina, Giardini-Naxos and Cefalù, where you'll also always find staff who speak at least English. Scattered over Sicily there are wonderful country and town hotels where you can plunge in the real Sicilian life - be it urban or rural. If you'd like to come to Sicily in winter make sure that your chosen hotel is open. Regarding the cryptic hotel rating of Sicilian 4 star hotels: we propose to check also on the ones with 2 and 3 stars or B&Bs - you'll be astonished.

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